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Our procedures to guarantee maximum safety:

Dear guests, colleagues, friends - your safety is our priority.
We have increasingly improved cleaning and sanitization procedures.

1. Disposable hand gel and gloves are available free of charge in different areas of the hotel (reception, entrance) for each guest.

2. The Hotel Monteverde is a small family run hotel that entirely occupies a 3-storey building, this ensures maximum privacy for each guest.

3. We only use professional cleaning products and we have introduced new products (which contain over 70% of the alcohol) to guarantee the correct sanitization of all spaces.

4. We effectively disinfect all surfaces and fabrics in the room.
• Daily sanitization of rooms and disinfection (of surfaces, furnishings, objects and fabrics) at each change of guest
• Daily sanitization and disinfection of the common areas of the hotel
• Periodic sanitization and disinfection of air conditioning appliances, in the rooms and in all areas of the hotel
• Sanitation and disinfection of the TV remote control
• Sanitization and daily disinfection of the light switches in the rooms
• Sanitization and disinfection of room keys
• Ozone sanitization: the Ministry of Health with protocol no. 24482 of July 31, 1996 recognizes ozone as a natural safeguard for the sanitation of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, molds and allergens. That's why we sanitize the hotel rooms with ozone at every room change.
5. It is possible to order breakfast and dinner in the room (with supplement)

6.  Breakfast served at the table

7. We have increased the frequency of cleaning in public spaces, with particular attention to the reception, elevators including buttons, door handles, public toilets.

8. All staff are reminded that hygiene and cleaning begin with simple actions such as hand hygiene and maintaining a safe distance.

9. All the Hotel Monteverde staff received the 3 doses of vaccine against Covid-19

Hotel Monteverde wishes you a good stay in the name of comfort, safety and, therefore, serenity.



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